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Welcome to Social Games.

Compete against your friends on your favourite social network. Play puzzle games, action games, adventure games, racing games, shooting games and more. See who can get the top place on our leaderboard enabled social games.

Leaderboard Enabled Social Games
Rating: 7.50/10.00
Times Played: 122
A 3D puzzle game with amazing graphics.
Catch De Coconut
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 159
Help the monkey earn bananas by catching the coconuts.
Nuclear Reaction
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 46
On each level you are given an assignment, to react the number of balls stated by the goal parameter. How do you do that? By pressing the mouse (once) 4 shards will go from that point in the fallowing directions UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT... You react a ball w
Thunder Struck - Desert Force
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 472
You are in control of a state of the art Apache GT8 helicopter. In the desert you face off against a barrage of enemy fighters.
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 480
Addictive puzzle game that tells you how clever or dumb you are after you've played.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 231
Create the biggest reaxions in this stylish 3D-chainreaction game!
armored ashura 2
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 139
Side scrolling manga style shooting game.
Online Physics Phrenzy
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 29
An online multiplayer physics game where you have to get your monkey to collect his bananas before your opponent!
Sky Pirates
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 55
Fly and shoot down enemies in this dog fighting game.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 409
Score as many points as possible within 60 seconds by popping the bubbles. In this fun easy to play game.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 55
Description: As veterinarian, take care of the pets! Game Controls: Use Mouse and Spacebar to interact.
the Flood Runner 2
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 87
Run, jump and glide away from the flood and avoid the obstacles. Fun little action game.
Take It Down
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 96
Demolish the building under the level line without damaging nearby buildings and protecting the workers from hitting the ground.
Striped Escape
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 416
You have been condemned under article rgb:#FDD535 of the Galactic Code for illegal gathering of honey. For some reason the doors have unlocked, now to escape!
Assault Day
Rating: 5.00/10.00
Times Played: 80
Kill all the enemies in each level. As the game progresses more weapons become available and you will encounter more challenging enemies.
Castle Clout: Return of the King
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 190
The king has returned in this update to the original game 'Castle Clout'.
Vector Defender
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 247
Defend the 10 planets from the invading vectors with your base gun. You will unlock planets as you successfully defend each one.
Cool War
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 72
It's your mission to stop enemy nucelear attack in this variation of classic arcade 'Missile Command' game.
Star Struck
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 138
A game that tests your reflexes and piloting skills while dodging multi-coloured stars and collecting energy points deep in outer space.
Rating: 7.50/10.00
Times Played: 670
You are the best of the best, the bravest of the brave, you are a Hellicop. Deliver Justice to the criminals who have invaded the skies of your fair city.
Other Social Games
Rating: 4.89/10.00
Times Played: 3371
Your goal, to help Edgar the electric spider to the goal at the end of each level. Use the hooks to pull Edgar there. Fun Game.
Quibble Race
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 28
Gamble your money on which quibble will win the race, cheat your way through, get money from loan sharks.
F16 Steel Fighter
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 395
A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!
Rock Starter
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 28
Make your own bandin the ultimate music experience.
The Croods Memory Game
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 0
Try our brand new engaging brain teaser.
Cannons of Night
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 290
The floating island of Night is under attack! Normally a peaceful colony, they have no choice but to defend themselves... use the Cannons to destroy all incoming enemies, and save the island of Night!
Hulk Smashup
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 62
Destroy everything in sight. Climb up buildings and topple them with your might.
Click N Slide
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 312
A nice puzzle sliding game.
Monster Dropper
Rating: 6.40/10.00
Times Played: 1370
An engaging puzzle game where players are given 10 lanes to drop 8 different types of monster blocks on top of each other. Match and destroy.
GCC: Halloween Edition
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 380
Ed is a pumpkin, he is very hungry at halloween and decides to eat some candy, sadly the knives Have decided to be irritating and are trying to stop him, watch for the messages every 20 points!
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